Sensationnel: Premium Too Yaki Pro


Sensationnel: Premium Too Yaki Pro—

If you are a fashion & beauty trendsetter,tyle is important to you. If you are amart hopper, you also want quality and value.Now you can have it all - STYLE, QUALITY & VALUE with Sensationnel's Premium too. Our 100% Human & Premium Blend Hair, with its natural yaki texture and a largeange oftyles has consistently made Premiumoo thetylist's number one choice. Premiumoo is the only premium Human Hair with unmatched Sensationnel quality developed in our years of experienceerving the high-end beauty market. One of the best mixed blend hair out on the market. You can apply up to 400 degrees of heat for curling, waves, and straightening purposes.

  • Affordable Premium Quality 100% Human Hair & Premium Blend Hair
  • Great Curl Retention
  • Easy-to-Manage Hair


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