Afri-Naptural™: 20" 3D Jumbo Split Cubic Twist


Afri-Naptural™:  20" 3D Jumbo Split Cubic Twist—

Get the amazing 3D split twist looks with Cubic Twist.
Complicated and time consuming braid is now made simple and straight forward. With Cubic Twist the multi-dimensional complexity of a 3D split twist is delivered ready to wear and be styled as you see fit:elegant,sexy or exotic. Expand your look in all three dimensions with Cubic Twist.

· Crochet Loop
· 100% Kanekalon
· SINGLE Pack Ordering
· Versatile Style

· Easy to Split
· Natural Texture
· Quick & Easy to Crochet
· Ready to Install
· 3D Split Twist
· Voluminous
· Pre-Curl
· Twist Out

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